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As a business owner, you have a long list of daily responsibilities such as payroll, employees, ordering, shipping, daily operations, and so much more. When property damage occurs, your business gets put to a hard stop, impacting your business, your employees, and your customers. Let Restoration 1 of Lafayette assist you in restoring your business to up and running as soon as possible. 

IICRC Certified Experts

 No matter what your business is, we are ready to help you tackle water, fire, and mold damage effortlessly. We are experienced and certified to handle every kind of damage.

We Work Around The Clock

We will work effectively in order to restore your business back to normal, minimizing any disruption in order to give you the liberty to tend to your business, employees, and customers.

Comprehensive Services

Work with a productive, experienced restoration team that handles everything from the cleanup to restoring your business back to normal. 

Services We Provide

Commercial Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

Experiencing a fire within your business is devastating and for some, too large of an obstacle to overcome. Don’t let your business be the victim of a catastrophe. Getting the right professional help can dramatically change the set of operations and have your business back up and running with the least amount of disruptions.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Just like any residential property, all businesses have extensive plumbing and other water-based risks. Any malfunctioning equipment such as a sprinkler system can result in major damage to your business. Acting quickly and getting your property taken care of gives peace of mind.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Mold is detrimental to a business, its property, and its customers. It is most often accompanied by water damage, making it a bigger problem. Attacking both issues can have a bigger positive effect on your business than waiting for the issue to grow.

Commercial Damage Restoration Experts For All Industries

We have assisted with water, fire, and mold damage emergencies in all kinds of industries. We are ready to help you too.

The Restoration 1 Promise

Get Your Property Back to Normal After a Disaster


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Call anytime 24/7 for immediate service. We will be on our way as soon as possible.


Get Expert Help

We know the best way to clean up the mess and can restore your property quickly. 


Peace of Mind

Sit back and let our certified experts take care of you and your property.

We Are Here To Serve When Needed

When there’s trouble on your commercial property, acting quickly is the best way to protect your business. It’s our priority to make sure we help you get your business back and running smoothly as soon as possible in order to prevent any negative impact on revenue and customer and employee loss.

At Restoration 1 of Lafayette, we provide all the necessary resources and expertise needed to completely restore your commercial property to its pre-disaster condition. We are prepared and ready to tackle any challenge head-on and quickly, getting you back up and running. Give our team a call at any time of the day, 24/7!