Water & Fire Damage Restoration FAQs

As soon as possible after the fire is extinguished, you should call a restoration company to begin the restoration process. Our team is available 24/7 and we will begin assessing the damage as soon as we arrive. 

The length of time required to restore your property will depend on how severe the fire was and how much smoke was generated. Once we have a better idea of the scope of the project we can provide a more specific timeline for restoring your property.

It is advised that you do not re-enter your home after a fire due to risks to your personal health and safety. We will pack and remove your belongings for cleaning and storage, and are happy to coordinate with you to get access to items you need.

It is extremely difficult to remove smoke odors and soot residues without the proper equipment. Likewise, if your property has suffered physical damage, it may be unstable or unsafe, so you should only attempt repairs with the help of a skilled contractor. 

All your items will be inventoried and carefully packed to be moved to a contents cleaning facility or storage facility. Items that can be restored will be cleaned and held in storage until your property has been restored. Any items that are damaged beyond repair will be fully documented for your insurance claim.

A fire can destabilize the structure of your home, increasing the risk of a collapsed ceiling, wall, or floor. Smoke and soot residues can also be harmful if inhaled, so always wear respiratory protection if entering a fire-damaged area.

Ultimately the party responsible for paying for restoration services is the homeowner. If your loss is covered by your insurance company, you will be responsible for paying your deductible. You should contact your insurer as soon as possible to begin the damage assessment process.

This is a personal preference. You may choose to file an insurance claim, or some people opt to pay out of pocket for repairs. The choice is yours, but your insurance agent can provide additional information unique to your situation.


Yes! We are happy to work directly with the insurance adjuster to help expedite the process of restoring your property.

Mold Remediation FAQs

Mold growth manifests in many different colors, textures, and appearance. Common colors include green, dark brown, yellow, or white. Mold can appear in blotches, be flat or raised, and vary in size shape, and texture. 

How much mold remediation costs depends on how bad the problem is. We will be able to provide an estimate after evaluating the mold growth and determing the scope of the mold growth.

Mold can begin to grow in as few as 24 hours after a water damage loss or introduction of a water source. 

For large areas of mold, we definitely recommend enlisting the help of professionals. It may be difficult to know how far the mold has spread and how much mold is present. You should always wear proper protective equipment and work in a contained environment when handling mold-contaminated materials.

How much time is needed for mold remediation will depend on the size and scope of the problem. We will be able to provide an estimated timeframe after inspecting the area.

Mold remediation is synonymous with mold removal. Contaminated materials are removed, the mold is contained, and the surface is treated to remove mold spores. 


The most obvious sign of mold growth is visible mold growth on walls, floors, or ceilings. If you cannot see mold, you may notice a damp or musty odor indicative of a mold problem. 

If mold growth is not visible, additional methods may be employed to determine if mold is present.

Many people are allergic to mold and may show allergy symptoms including rashes, irritated eyes, sore throat, coughing, sneezing, and runny eyes. Mold may also affect people with underlying health issues.